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Santoshi Mata Vrat – How is it Performed?

Santoshi Mata Vrat is a devotional fast that devotees observe on 16 consecutive Fridays or until their wishes are fulfilled. Devotees perform puja, or worship, of the Santoshi Mata deity by offering flowers, incense and a bowl of roasted chickpeas with raw jiggery (gur-chana). Devotees performing this vrat have to wake up early in the morning and remember the Goddess. They can take just one meal at dawn, and they must avoid eating anything sour or bitter. It is believed that people performing Santoshi Mata Vrat should stay away from addictive foods, and sour or bitter food items are addictive in nature that could hinder satisfaction.

Once the wish of a devotee is granted, they must organise a special ceremony called udyapan – bringing to conclusion. During this celebration, devotees have to serve a festive meal to 8 young boys.

In Santoshi Mata Vrat, devotees have to follow several strictures like avoiding hurting people or quarrelling with others. By means of the fast devotees can live the rest of their life in peace and harmony like ignoring faith, speaking false and behaving arrogantly. The Santoshi Mata Vrat also teaches devotees to become peaceful, spread love, have sympathy and pass on the message of happiness.