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Santoshi Mata Rituals

Santoshi Mata Puja is performed for a period of 16 weeks on the Fridays. Take a head bath on Friday morning and place a photo of Santoshi Mata in a clean pooja area and keep a small Kalash. Decorate the Santoshi Mata photo with flowers and keep channa or puffed Bengal Gram along with jaggery piece and bananas as Prasad. You are not supposed to eat or touch anything like curd, lemon etc.

Light diya (deepa) infront of the Goddess Santoshi Mata’s photo. Start chanting the mantras,read the story and give aarti to Mata. Santoshi Mata ritualsare to be performed without eating anything sour on the day of Puja. You have to fast for an entire day or you can have food once in a day (supper or dinner).

First and foremost, gathered important puja things before starting Santoshi Mata Rituals; likekalash, betel leaves, flowers, puffed bengal gram and jaggery for prasad, camphor for aarti, diyas, turmeric and kumkum, photo of santoshi mata, agarbatti, coconut for kalash (same coconut has to continue till you complete the Puja), a wooden stool for placing the photo and rice mixed with turmeric

During Santoshi Mata rituals, the first prayer is for Santoshi Mata’s father Ganesh, and mother Riddhi Siddhi. Goddess Santoshi Mata fulfills all your wishes and she brings success in business, removes poverty, destructs the evil. Pray the Goddess to have children, profit in business, increase in earnings, removal of feelings and sorrows.

Santoshi Mata Rituals performed correctly are believed to bless devotees with peace, prosperity and light in the family. It is a faith that helps prayers to do all rituals smoothly. When you are reading Santoshi Mata Katha, you should hold Jaggery and Bengal Gram in your hand. The listeners should say “Santoshi Mata Ki Jai” all the time. After completing the story – Jaggery and Gram which is held in the hand should be collected and served to Cow (prayed and revered in Hindu culture). The jaggery and gram which is kept in the vessel should be distributed as Prasad to everyone.


On the last day of Puja i.e., Santoshi Mata Vrat Udayapan, you have to distribute 2 ½ kg Cashews, Poori, Kheer, Gram Curry and Sweets. Light Diya of Ghee infront of Santoshi Mata’s Photo and keep saying “Santoshi Mata Ki Jai” and break the coconut. On this particular day, there should not be any sour items in the house and don’t eat any sour items yourself nor serve to others.

OnUdayapan, the last day of Santoshi Mata rituals include serving festival food to eight boys. The person who is fasting should have Prasad after listening to the story and only one time meal. By this way,Goddess Santoshi Mata becomes happy and removespoverty and sorrow and bless her devotees with happiness and prosperity.